Need certain activities to be completed before you can move onto the next one? Keep everything in order by adding dependencies to tasks. These allow you to define the order in which a series of tasks much be actioned, so you can practically see your upcoming duties in relation to other deadlines on your timeline. Dependencies are currently only available within your main Task Boards, not "My Planner". 

Adding Dependencies in Gantt Timeline View

1. Click or hover over the task you want to add a dependency to.

2. On both ends of the task, you will see a white circle. This is where you create a dependency. 

3.  Click on the white circle either at the start or due date, then drag to draw the dependency. Drag the dependency to the white circle at either the start date or the end date of another task, then let go to add it.

4. You will now see a connection between the two tasks. The connection will show at the start of the earliest task and end of the latest task. 

Deleting Dependencies

1. To delete a dependency click on the dependency so that you can see a faint highlight.

 *To delete dependency on Mac, please click on dependency and then backspace+Fn.

2. On your keyboard, tap "Delete". You will then be asked to confirm the deletion. 

3. The dependency will now be removed from the timeline.