Adding Cover Images to Box Branches:

  1. Tap on the box branch you would like to add an image to.

  1. Tap on the paintbrush icon to bring out the branch editor.

3. Tap the + next to "Cover Image".

4. You can then choose an image from your iPhone, take a photo or search for a Royalty-free image on Unsplash. 

5.  Once selected the cover image will be added to your branch and show in the editor.

On a creative branch. the image will float above the branch.

On a box branch. the image will be contained within the box.

6. If you have an image that speaks volumes, then you may want to hide the text on your branch.  Tap on the thumbnail of the cover image, then choose "Hide text".

7. The title will remain in the editor and you can toggle this at any time. Tip: make your branch bigger so more of the image shows!