Once you've mapped out your ideas either individually or as a team, you can start to organize them into a plan of action. Within the Mind Map view you can create tasks from your branches, sending them into a Task Board or your Planner, or both! One idea may equal multiple 'to-do's', so you can add as many tasks as you need to a single branch.

To Add a Task From a Mind Map:

1. Tap on a branch you want to add a task to. 

2. Then, click the ✔ + icon to open the add task tab in the format options. 

3. Tap the +, then tap on "New Task".

3. Type to add the name of the task - this can be different from what the branch is called. Tap on the 3 dot menu to add the task to a task board.

4. In this screen, you can now add an assignee and add the task to a task board.

5. In this screen, you can choose what task board you would like to add the task to by tapping on "Projects" and choosing from the drop-down list.

6. Tap "Save". The task will now be added to the branch

You can add an unlimited amount of tasks to your branch. Once the tasks have been created you will see a task tick icon on the branch, along with the number of how many tasks have been created from that branch and how many are completed. Your tasks will also show in a list in the branch editor.

9. To view a task and add details, tap on the task in the branch editor and this will bring out the task side panel. 

To Remove a Task from a Branch:

1. Tap on the branch and go to the task tab in the branch editor. Tap in the box next to the task to select it, then tap "Remove Selected Tasks".

2. The task will now be removed