The idea bank is a space for you to get down stray thoughts and add them to your mind map later. This ensures you won’t forget a light bulb moment and you don’t have to worry about where it fits into your overall brainstorm straight away.

How it Works:

  1. The idea bank can be found by opening the slider menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

  2.  In the menu, tap on "Idea Bank"

    3. Here you can add ideas that you have but are not sure where to put yet. Simply type an idea into the bar and press enter to add.

       4. Your ideas will form in a list below.


5. To edit an idea, click on one, and select the pencil icon that appears. You will then be able to retype the idea. To delete an idea in the bank, click the trashcan icon.

    6. To add these ideas to your map, simply drag tap on the idea, then tap on the first blue icon.

7. You will be provided with an outline list of all the branches in that mind map. The branches with the arrow pointing down have children branches, tap on the arrow to view the child branches. To add the idea to a branch, tap on a branch.

8. Once chosen, the new branch will appear on your map.