Our user guides for our legacy app, iMindMap are available below. Although we are no longer selling iMindMap 11 we are still supporting it for the foreseeable future. For support regarding iMindMap please email support@ayoa.com

iMindMap 11

To download the iMindMap 11 Manual please click here

To view the Youtube tutorials please click here

To contact support please email support@ayoa.com

If you have lost your download links or serial number please email support@ayoa.com and we will be happy to send these over to you.

iMindMap Kids

To download the iMindMap Kids Manual please click here

To view the Youtube tutorials please click here

To contact support please email support@ayoa.com

iMindMap Cloud and Mobile

The iMindMap iPhone and iPad app are available to purchase on the app store, the Freedom subscription is only available as an in-app purchase within these two apps.

To download the iMindMap Cloud and Mobile guide please click here

To manage your iMindMap account, change your password and download saved Mind Maps please log into the iMindMap app. Please note as of December 2020 Flash is no longer supported, so the online mind mapping tool no longer works:


Important information for iMindMap 10 users and under

Due to advancements in technology, we unfortunately will no longer be able to support iMindMap 10 or previous versions.

You may be able to continue using your iMindMap license, though functionality may become limited depending upon which version you are using, your device, and the operating system your device is running.

iMindMap 7 to 10 are still available to download, and we will not be making any changes to block your use. You will still be able to use your version of iMindMap for as long as your chosen operating system supports it. 

iMindMap 7 to 10 were 32-bit apps built on Java. Apple is already withdrawing support for 32-bit apps and it looks like Android-based systems and Windows are likely to follow their lead with their future updates. As a result of this, we can no longer guarantee that your version of iMindMap will run on newer operating systems or as a result of future operating system updates. We can confirm that iMindMap 7 does not run on more recent Mac OS. iMindMap 6 and under are no longer available to download.

As stated on your End User License agreement 1.1 

"OpenGenius will provide technical support to Registered Users for a minimum of 12 months following the purchase of the License and as per the stipulated Support Conditions"

iMindMap iOS and online app

The old "app.imindmap" online mind mapping tool is no longer available as support for Flash ended in December 2020. The site can still be accessed to manage your iMindMap account. 

This does not affect the iOS apps or cloud subscriptions which are still available to buy through the app store, are still supported until further notice. 

We want to make sure you are aware of these limitations in supporting your version of iMindMap on newer operating systems to manage your expectations.