Introducing Undo for the Mind Map view; Now if you make a mistake, delete something in error or have changed your mind about changing the style you can easily undo it either by the click of a button or by using the short cut.

Undo on the Toolbar

The undo and redo buttons are located on the toolbar just under the Menu.

To undo click the blue button pointing left. If it is not highlighted there is nothing to undo.

To redo something you have undone, click the blue arrow pointing right. If it is not highlighted there is nothing to redo.

Important things to remember when using Undo:

You cannot undo other people's actions, for example, if they create a branch.

 You can only undo changes made on that session. This means if you close a mind map, then re-open it later on you will not be able to undo any changes made the last time it was open.

This feature is currently only available for web-app but we plan on rolling out this update to the desktop software very soon. 

Short cuts for Windows:

Undo: Ctrl + Z

Redo: Ctrl + Y

Short Cuts for Mac:

Undo: Cmd + Z

Redo: Cmd + Y