You can now export your Mind Map or branches as JPG or PNG. Once exported, you can easily insert images of your mind map in your documents, presentation and university work.

Exporting the whole Map as a JPG or PNG

1. Open the Mind Map that you wish to export.

2. Open the board options menu in the top right corner.

3. Click "Export".

4.  Choose "Image" from the export options.

5. Depending on your preference, choose the png or jpg export.

6.  Once exported you will have the option to open the image and save it to your preferred location.

7. The whole map will be included in the image. Below is an example ( this image has been scaled down to fit the page). 

Exporting Branches as an Image

You also have the option of exporting an individual branch as an image, or exporting a branch and all of it's children. 

1. To export an individual branch as an image, click on the branch then click on the "3 dot" icon.

2. Once the side panel is open, click on the "More" tab, then click on "Export this branch".

3. Choose "Image" from the export options.

4. You will then be able to to choose whether you export as a PNG or JPG. You can also choose to include all the children branches of the branch you have selected in the image. If you only want to export that one branch, untick "Include Children".

5. Below is an example of a JPG export that included the children of the branch I had selected.