Organise your mind maps and task boards into folders. You could use the folders to categorise your boards, or even use them to manage projects.

The folders are accessible straight from your home page.

To create a new folder, click the blue + icon next to "Folders".

Type the new folder name, then click "Create Folder".

This will create the new empty folder.

To add a brand new task board or mind map, click on "New".

To add an existing mind map or template to the folder, click on "All" to view all the task boards and mind maps.

Once open, simply drag and drop the mind maps or task boards into the folder.

The board will now be added to the folder.

To create a sub folder within an existing folder, simply click "New", then "Folder".

Name the sub folder, the click "Create Folder"

There will now be a sub-folder within the original folder.

Editing Folders

To rename a folder open the settings by clicking on the blue cog on the toolbar.

Double click on the folder name to edit and press Save Changes.

To delete the folder ( but not it's contents) click on the trash can icon.

When deleting a folder you will get a warning reminding you that deleting the folder will not delete the contents, click yes to continue.