The Present bookmark tool allows you to create a list of branches you want to present before switching to a presentation view.  This feature is available in Speed Map View and Organic View in Ayoa Ultimate. 

1. To create your Present bookmarks first open the Mind Map.

2. In the bottom right-hand side, click on this icon to open up the Present tool.

3. Once the Present tool is open you can start choosing which branches you wish to include in your presentation. 

4. To add individual branches., click on the branch to select it, then in the Present tool click "Add", or use the short-cut CTRL and D.

5. If you want to add all of the branches from your Mind Map click "Add All":

6.  To clear all the Present bookmarks that you have added click "Clear All".

7. To re-arrange the order of your bookmarks, simply drag them up or down. 

8. Once you are ready, clicking "Start Presenting"

9.  Once you start presenting, the header toolbars will be hidden, all branches but the branches you have selected will be hidden.

10. You can choose to skip to different branches by clicking on the bookmark.

11. You can hide the Present bookmark list by clicking on this icon, you can then use the controls to move back and forth through all the different bookmarks. 

12.  Use the short cut CTRL and SPACE to move back to the previous bookmark. Click back on the middle present icon to re-open the Present bookmark list. 

13. Once you have completed the presentation, you can exit this view by clicking "Stop Presenting".