Like a physical whiteboard, customize and personalize your ideas using our freehand pen tool to annotate your work, draw arrows and shapes. 

The annotation tool allows you to draw directly onto the canvas and over the top of existing elements. on your whiteboard, such as images. Use the draw tool to circle, highlight, underline, asterisk different key elements. You can even use it to write freehand or draw simple illustrations. 

How to draw an annotation on the whiteboard

1. Click on the draw tool that is illustrated below.

2. This will open up a color palette and different pen thicknesses to choose from.

4. Click on the color and pen thickness you want to use.

5. Draw on the canvas by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor.

6. You can use multiple colors and thicknesses by clicking on new colors or thicknesses on the palette.

7. Once you are happy with your drawing click "done". Once you click done you will not be able to edit the drawing again. 

8. Drag and drop the drawing anywhere on the whiteboard. The drawing can be placed over the top of images, sticky notes, and lists.

How to draw arrows

1. Click on the draw tool

2. Click the arrow icon to view different options to create your arrow.

3. Choose the arrow style.

4. Then which end of the arrow you would like the head to be on.

5. Choose the color of the arrow.

6. Then adjust the width of the arrow.

7. The arrow can be shown on the top or under elements by changing the Add To Background option: ON or OFF 

8. Once you have chosen the formatting, draw on the canvas by clicking and dragging to create the arrow.

9. Release the cursor when you are happy with the length. Click "Done" to confirm and add the arrow to the canvas.

How to use shapes

1. Click on the draw tool.

2. Click on shapes to view the different shape options available.

3. Choose the color the shape will be filled with.

4. Choose the color the shape will be outlined with.

5. Choose how thick the outline will be.

6. Once you have chosen the formatting for the shape, draw on the canvas by clicking and dragging to create your shape. 

7. Release the cursor when you are happy with the size. Click done to confirm and create the shape. 

How to add a sketch

1. Click on the draw tool.

2. At the bottom of the box, you will see the Add Sketch option.

3. This will open up the sketch tool, where you can use shapes, the draw tool, and text to create your own image.

4. In the top left corner, you can undo or redo the image using arrows and set the background color or change the name of the sketch in the Settings section.


5. When you have drawn multiple elements, you can choose how they are arranged ( on top or under another element) or delete them. 

With the 4-arrow icon, you can change the position of the element.

6. For hand drawing, please choose the paintbrush icon.

7. For adding text, please choose the icon with the letter T.

8. You can also add shapes with different filling and outline colors.

9. Using the Add button in the top right corner, you can add an image from your computer and draw on it.

10. . Once you have finished your sketch click "Save and exit".

11. The image will now show in the image list. 

12. Drag and drop the image onto the whiteboard canvas.


How do I increase or decrease the size of my drawing?

First, click on the shape you want to edit.

Then open the drawing tool. Depending on the last feature used the drawing icon on the toolbar will look like one of these 3 icons:

Once you have opened the drawing tool, click on the tool that you used to create the shape that you want to edit ( in this example it's a shape). The bounding box will now appear around the drawing.

Drag the bounding in and out to increase or decrease the size. Once you are happy with the size click "done".

How do I delete my drawing?

Click on the drawing, click on the 3 dot menu and then click "delete"


Select the drawing by clicking on it then hit delete or backspace on the keyboard

WARNING- deleting the drawing is permanent and cannot be undone. 

How do I stop others from moving my drawing?

You can lock the drawing so that it cannot be moved or deleted by other collaborators on your whiteboard. Click on the 3 dot menu and then click "Lock". To unlock it, click "None".