For Mind Maps and Whiteboards we have additional fonts to choose from to use on your sticky notes and branches. If you have a preferred font that you want to use all the time without needing to change the settings each time, you can choose the font in your main settings.

Changing the default font will only apply to new branches or sticky notes and will not update existing text. The default text does not include task boards.

Changing the default text for mind maps and whiteboards

1. Click on the menu

2. At the bottom of the menu click on "Settings"

3. The automatic default text is "Open Sans", click on "Open Sans" to view the other options.

4. Click on the font that you would like to use by default on your branches and sticky notes. 

5. Once you have chosen the new default font, any new mind maps  or white boards will automatically use the new default font. It will not change the font of existing white boards or mind maps.