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Tags on iOS and Android

Manage your tags and keep organised in Ayoa task boards from your phone!

Managing Tags

1. You are able to edit your list of tags by accessing your User Preferences. You can do this by tapping on the menu icon in the top-left corner on the Home page.

Home page with Menu selected.

2. When the menu opens, click on your avatar at the bottom.

Menu with avatar selected.

3. This will open a window with more options, where you can select Account Settings.

Clicking on the Account Settings.


4. Once there you will be able to manage your tags by tapping on the TAG icon, located under Ayoa Settings.

Selecting tag section.

5. Then you will have the option to remove existing tags and to add new tags.

View of the tag list.

6. To add a new tag, enter your new tag into the box, as seen below.

Adding a tag to the list.

Adding Tags to a Task

1. To add a tag to a task, first select the task that you would like to add a tag to. Then tap on the Add a tag, situated in the task details.

Task info with selected tag section.

2. Simply enter your new Tags into the box, as seen below and press done.

Typing a tag.

3. Once you have finished creating your new tags, your tags will appear as part of the task.

Tag shown in the task info.