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Task Board Color Themes and Backgrounds

Apply a different Theme to customize your Task Boards. With choices such as Modern, Classic, Outline and Neon (plus more) you'll be able to identify Task Boards in an instant.


Are you dyslexic? Or do you find white backgrounds overwhelming? Our new dyslexia color theme allows you to add a colored background so that your task boards are easier for you to read. 

To apply a Theme to a Task Board:

1. To apply a theme to your Task Board, select the board that you would like to edit.

2. Then, select the Display Options icon situated in the top toolbar in the right-hand corner of the board.

3. A window will then appear. Simply click on drop-down menu situated next to ‘Theme,’ to change your theme.

4. You will then be given a choice of 4 themes. Those themes are Modern, Classic, Outline and Neon.

5. Once your theme has been selected, it will automatically save to your Ayoa Task Board.

Dyslexia View

To help make Ayoa more accessible to those with Dyslexia and other people who are Neurodiverse we have added an additional theme called "Dyslexia view". In Dyslexia view there is an additional option to add background color to the canvas. A coloured background is also implemented in Workflow view.

1. To turn Dyslexia view on, open the task board in canvas view.

2. Open the display options.

3. Click on the dropdown menu next to theme and choose "Dyslexia View".

4. Switching to dyslexia view will give each bubble and category a light background to make it easier to read at a glance. 

5. If you switch to workflow view, the coloured backgrounds will be applied to the tasks and columns.

6. Choosing dyslexia view will also add an additional option to change the background color.

7. Click on the color palette to choose from a selection of different, low saturated colours that will help mitigate glare from the screen and make it easier to read.

8. To choose a different color, click on "more colors" then choose a color. The color added to the background will be a low saturation version.

9. A background color will now be applied to the background color.

To apply a Theme across all Task Boards:

1. To select a default theme that is the same across all Task Boards, open the menu, select "Settings". Once there, choose ‘Account Settings.’

2. You will then be re-directed to the User Preferences page. To edit your Task Board theme, tap on THEMES from within ‘Ayoa Settings.’

3. You will have the choice to select a theme that will be applied to all of your Task Boards. You have the choice from Modern, Classic, Outline and Neon. At this time Dyslexia View isn't available as a default theme. 

4. Once you have chosen your theme, tap ‘Save Theme.’ Your theme will then be applied to all of your task Boards within your account. This is your 'Account Theme' and may also be selected from the individual Task Board settings.