Task Board Live Share

Live share is the perfect way to lead a group meeting. Invite people on the Task Board to a Live share, you can virtually walk them through the Task Board and discuss ongoing tasks or objectives


Turning on Live Share

1. Open your task board.

View of the given task board.

2. Click on the display options.

Selecting the 3-dot icon to open Display Options.


3. Turn 'Live Share' from off to on. 

Changing Live Share setting to ON.


4. This will start the Live Share, automatically inviting everyone on that task board.

Showing the green live share description button in the top right corner.


Delivering a Live Share

1. Once you have your Live Share up, you will control what the followers of that Live share are looking at on the Task Board.

View of the share board and task.


2. Click on a category to move everyone's view to that category. 

Clicking on the category to move everyone's view.


3. You can view who is following the Live share by clicking on the eye icon.

Window showing active and inactive users for the live share option.


4. To end the Live Share click 'Stop Live Share'.

Ending live share with the Stop Live Share button.

Following a Live Share

1. When you are invited to a live share, you will receive a notification. Click on the notification to open the task board.

Notification with the invite to the live share.


2.When you open the task board, click "Follow" to follow the Live share. 

Joining the live share by clicking on the Follow button.


3.The person leading the live share will now be able to dictate which section of the task board your screen focuses on.

View of the task on which live share is focused.


4.To stop viewing the live share, click 'Stop Following'.

Leaving live share with the Stop Following button.