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Task Status

Within Ayoa you can use the status feature to mark the progress of each task, allowing you to gain an overview of performance with just a single glance.

Setting a Status

1. To set the status of a Task, click on the Task circle to bring out the task sidebar. Here, you will be able to add details to your Task.

2. Within the sidebar is a progress bar, which will allow you to set the percentage of the Task has been completed. To set progress, simply drag the slider along until you reach the percentage that you would like to set. Alternatively, to indicate that the Task is in progress, simply click the 'play' icon once. This will set progress to 5% - indicating that it has been started.

3. To show that the task has been started, choose "In progress".

4. Tasks can also be put on hold choosing "On hold".

5. To complete a Task, you can choose "Completed" from the status menu, or slide the progress bar all the way to the completed icon, or hit the tick icon next to the task name. 

6. Completed tasks will remain on the task board. To remove completed tasks from view you can archive them. To find out more about archiving completed tasks please click here.