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The Home Page

When you open Ayoa you will be taken to the home page, which will be your tool for navigating around Ayoa. Here you will have access to your Mind maps, Whiteboards, Task boards, Folders and archived boards all in one place.


By default your Mind maps, Whiteboards and Task boards will be listed from top to bottom in order of most recently opened:

You can search for specific boards by name:

You can view your boards in alphabetical order, by recently opened, recently created or recently updated.

You can also filter by the type of board.

You can use a mix of these search options to locate specific boards.

To create a new Mind Map, Whiteboard or Task board, click "Create new"

Then choose whether you want to create a whiteboard, mind map, task board, start a new chat or create map with AI.

Once that is chosen, you will have the option to select the style or use a template.

For Mind maps, you can choose Speed, Organic, Radial or capture maps.

For Whiteboards, you can choose to start from a blank canvas or use one of our many built-in templates:

With the Task boards, you can choose Canvas, Workflow or Gantt timeline view:

The Planner can now be accessed through the top toolbar or menu. 

Click on Menu, then choose "My Planner" from near the top of the list. 

This will open "My Planner".