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Urgency Levels

Applying task urgency ensures that you’ll be able to identify time-sensitive tasks in an instant. To set task urgency, you have the choice of 3 colors that indicate everything from normal urgency to very high urgency.

To Add an Urgency Level:

1. To select an urgency level for a task, simply select your chosen task.

2. The lightning icon represents urgency, click on the box next to it to open the options. 

3.  You will have the option to choose from 2 different colors. 

  • X= Normal Urgency
  • Amber= High Urgency
  • Red= Very High Urgency

4. Click on your chosen level of urgency.

5. Once chosen, a colored Lightning Bolt icon will appear on the task circle.

6. Tasks with an urgency level applied to them will appear in the List View, under the correct urgency header. The list view is available at the top right-hand corner of the Task Board view. To find out more information on list views, visit our support article available here.