Using AI assistant with Ayoa - Ultimate exclusive

As an Ayoa Ultimate subscriber, you receive access to our latest option, AI assistant, the world's first AI powered brainstorming mind map app.

It's easy to get started, first log into the Ayoa web app.

1. Go to the Home page.

Ayoa app home page


2. Choose the + Create new option and select Mind Map.

Create new AI mind map


3. Within the Mind Map section, you can choose either the Generate ideas or Text summary tab, which includes an AI assistant.

Choosing the AI mind maps.


Generate ideas with AI

1.First, enter the title of your map and choose your preferred results for branches: ideas or explanations. 

Selecting Create with AI and choosing theme.


2. In addition, you have the option to select a neurodiversity setting that will be incorporated when generating an AI map. You may select one from Clear and concise sentences and Simplified language, or both. The resulting maps will have an intuitive layout that caters to your chosen setting.  You can also, add a keyword as a special interest.



3. When using AI-generated maps, you can also choose AI to generate corresponding images by setting the option Images to YES.

The option for generating images.


4. In addition, you can also choose for AI to generate notes connected to the branches, by setting the option Notes to YES

Turning the notes option.


4. Once all options are set, just hit Create.

Selected options for AI map.


5. Then explore what different ideas or explanations AI assistant has created for you. 

Mind map created by AI


6. From here, you could start adding your own ideas using the green + icon or prompt the AI assistant to drill down further using right-click menu

Selecting AI assistant on the branch.


Text summary with AI

By selecting Text summary, the AI converts text to a mind map, summarising and organising the map for you.

1. Go to the Text summary tab and name the map.

Naming the AI map.


2. Paste the chosen text into the text field.

Pasted text into the text field.

You can also choose for AI to generate notes connected to the branches, by setting the option Notes to YES.

Setting up the notes option.


3. When you click Summarize with AI, the map will be generated automatically based on the text.

Map being created from the text