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Adding Attachments and Web links to Branches

Adding attachments and links to your branch will help add extra context without cluttering the Mind Map.


To Add an Attachment to a Branch

1. Select the branch and right-click to open the context menu.

Right click on an Ayoa mind map branch


2. Then click on Add and Attachments.

Choose add and then attachments


3. This will open up the Add attachment option.

Ayoa's add attachments panel

4. To add a file, click on the paper clip to choose the location or drag the file to the box:

Click the paper clip or drag to upload a file


5. To add a link, type or paste the link in the Add Link section and press Add:

Input a website url to include a link


6. Once added, links will be represented on the branch with the paper clip icon. To preview attachments, simply hover over the attachment icon.

Attachments and links appear underneath the branch


7. To delete the attachment, click on the given branch and then the attachment icon. Then click on the trash icon next to the attachment that you want to delete.

To delete an attachment press the trash icon next to it


Adding an attachment to the branch's comment 

1. Select the branch and right-click to open context menu. Then click on Add and Comments.

Right click and choose add and comments


2. This will open the comment section of the branch where at the bottom you can choose attachments.

Ayoa's comment section


3. You will have the option to upload an attachment from your device, Drobox, Google Drive, or to attach a URL web link. 

Adding attachments to the comment sidebar


4. Once you have chosen the attachment, click Send to add it to the branch.

Choose the attachment and press send


5. You will be able to see what branches have attachments by the paperclip icon on the branch. Click on the paper clip icon to go straight to the attachments tab in the menu.

An attachment in the comments sidebar

Deleting Attachments

1. To delete an attachment, simply click the trashcan icon next to the attachment you want to delete.

Delete an attachment just like any comment


2. The attachment will now be deleted.