Managing whiteboard members

Whiteboards are the perfect space for creative collaboration between team members. Find out how to invite people and manage permissions.


How to invite people to your whiteboard

When you first create a whiteboard you have the option to invite others to collaborate.

If you have collaborated with them before, type the name of the person or the group you want to add. If you haven't collaborated with them before entering their email to invite them. entering

Once the whiteboard has been created, you can add additional collaborators by clicking "Share" on the toolbar.

Enter the contact's name or a group name, or if you haven't collaborated with them before inviting them via email. 

How to remove people from your whiteboard

You will need to be the whiteboard owner to remove users from the whiteboard.

1. Click on the whiteboard "Share" icon.

2. Next to each user you will see a Trash icon.

3. Click on the icon to remove them from the whiteboard and confirm the action.

 Once removed they will no longer be able to access that whiteboard. 

How to manage the whiteboard permissions

You will need to be the whiteboard creator to adjust the permissions. Permissions are only available for Pro and Ultimate users.

1. Open the whiteboard that you want to adjust the permissions for. You will need to be the whiteboard creator to adjust the settings. Click on the Share button to access permission settings.

3. To change the overall permissions for that whiteboard click on the Permissions so view more options.

4. If you change "Who can delete board items" to "Admin-only", other collaborators will not be able to delete items that they haven't created. 

5. If you change "Who can invite others" to "Admin-only", then other collaborators will not be able to invite anyone else to the Whiteboard. 

6. You can change individual permissions from default to either admin or read-only.

7. Admin will allow them to invite others and delete other items. Read-only settings will mean that the user can see the whiteboard but won't be able to edit or add any items. 





How many people can I invite to my whiteboard?


There is no limit to how many people you can invite to a whiteboard. If you invite a free user who has exceeded their 5 board they will only be able to view the board in a read-only version.


I only want to prevent the deletion of a few items, how can I do this?


You can lock items to prevent them from being edited or deleted by anyone on the whiteboard.