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Multi-select for Whiteboards and Mind Maps

The Multi-select tool can be used to quickly manage multiple elements on your whiteboard or change the formatting of multiple branches on your mind map.

Using Multi-select on Whiteboards

1. Open the whiteboard.

View of the whiteboard.


2. Click on the multi-select icon on the toolbar.

The multi-selected square icon selected in the top toolbar.


3. Drag the bounding box around elements you would like to select.

Dragging the boundary box to select elements.


*You can also select whiteboard elements when holding the CTRL/ command button on your keyboard and clicking on the chosen element.


4. This will open the multi-select menu.

Indicator that 4 items were selected.


5.  On whiteboards, the multi-select menu will give you the option to pin, lock, copy, cut or delete all the elements you have selected.

View of the options under the 3-dat icon in the 4 item box.


6. If you have only selected sticky notes, you will get the additional option to create tasks.

Selected notes with the option to add them as tasks to task categories.

Using Multi-select on Mind Maps

1. Open the mind map.

View of the mind map.

2. Click on the multi-select icon in the toolbar.

Square multi-select icon selected.


3. Drag the bounding box around the section you want select, then release.

Dragging the box boundary to select branches.

4. The multi-select menu will now open. You can use this to change the branch style, box style, colour and text formatting of all the selected branches.

Using the multi-select tool box, adjusting text on a selected branches.

5.  Choose your styling, then click Done to update the branches.

View of the map with edited branches.