Present your Mind Maps

The Present tool allows you to create a list of branches you want to present to other users.  This feature is available in Mind Map View in Ayoa Ultimate. 


1. To create your presentation, first open the mind map.

View of the mind map.

2. In the top right-hand side, click on the Present button.

The present button.


3.  This will activate the present mode. If the present button is highlighted blue, this means you are in present mode.

Options to create presentation.


4. To add individual branches, click on the branch to select it, then in the Present menu click +Add.

Selecting add option to add slides.


5. To remove a branch from the list, click on the X next to the branch name.

Removing slides by clicking on the x next to the slide.


6. To change the order of the branches, simply grab the branch and move it to the chosen position.

Changing slides order by grabbing and dropping slides in the chosen position.

7. If you want to add all of the branches from your mind map, click Auto-create.

Creating presentation automatically by choosing Auto-create option.

8.  To clear all the Present branches that you have added, click Clear all.

Clear all and Close options under the 3-dot icon.


9. To adjust how zoomed in or out a slide is, you can use the blue squares of the boundary.

Adjusting slides size and position using the blue squares at the end of the boundary.

10. Once you are ready, click Start presenting.

The start presenting button.


11.  This will open up additional presentation options.

The stop presenting button with Live share option .


12.  You can reduce and maximise the size of the menu by clicking on collapse button.

The minimize icon.


This helps to focus on the presenter slides.

Minimising presentation menu using the minimise icon.


13. To make the presentation full screen and hide the other menus, click the full screen button.

The full screen button.


14. The main toolbar will be hidden. To exit full screen mode, click on the full screen button again.

Going into full screen and exiting using the full screen button.

15. The live share button will allow team members added to the board to focus on the different elements being displayed in the presentation from their own Ayoa account. 

Central idea in the presenter mode with the live share.

16. To navigate through the different slides, use the directional keys in the menu, or keys on your keyboard: arrows/space bar.

The navigation arrows next to the Stop presenting button.


17. To end the presentation, click Stop presenting. Your slides will be saved and you can re-start your presentation at any time.

The stop presenting button.