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Recording audio notes on mind map branches

Capture complex ideas easily by recording audio notes directly to your branch. Play them at any time and use them to develop your mind map further. Exclusive to Ultimate

Use audio notes to capture quotes, quick ideas or quick discussions and interviews. 

Audio notes can be a maximum of 5 minutes long. 

Currently only available on the web app. 


1. Open a mind map.

View of the opened mind map.


2. Click on the branch to select it, then either click on the attachment icon on the main toolbar.

Top toolbar with selected attachment icon.


Or, right-click on the branch to open the context menu.

Right-clicking on the branch to open context menu and select the attachments.


3. Go to the Audio tab and click on Click here to record an audio note.

Right-clicking on the branch to open context menu and select the attachments.


4. Your web browser may ask your permission for Ayoa to use your microphone. Click Allow

You will now have the option to start your recording, click Record to start:

Selection the record button.


5. Once you start recording you will will see a timer start indicating how long the recording is. Click Stop to stop recording.

Recording and pressing stop button.


6. Once you've finished the recording, you can preview it by clicking the play button. To save the audio note click the tick icon, to delete it click the cross icon

Option to play the audio note with tick and x buttons.


7. Once saved, the audio note will be added as a playable sound file on your branch attachments. 

View of the audio note as attachment.