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Sub-categories on canvas view

Create a structured hierarchy for your tasks by creating sub categories together in the Canvas view, and watch Categories with similar relationships merge into one.

Nesting Categories:

1. To add a sub category, first select the category which you would like to move.

View of the board in the canvas view.


2. Simply hover over the category circle and you will be given the option to either EDIT, MOVE or COLLAPSE, your category. To nest your category with another, select MOVE.

View of the category with tasks.



3. By selecting MOVE, you will be able to drag your category circle around the canvas. To nest your category with another, simply drag and drop your selected category into another category on the canvas.

Moving category to another category.


4. Once you have dropped your category into another category circle, it will be displayed as a nested category and will appear inside the larger circle.

View of the category with sub-category.


5. To locate your sub category on the canvas, simply use the Pan and Zoom category finder situated in the top right corner of the canvas. Your nested category will be listed underneath the parent category within the list. To learn more able the Pan and Zoom category finder, please click here.

Drop-down list with categories.


6. Simply click on the category name from within the list and you'll be taken to your sub category on the canvas.

Clicking on the category in the list to view it on canvas.