To Format your Box Branches in a Mind Map:

  1. Click on a box branch branch and select the pencil icon to bring up the branch editor.

  1. Once the editor is open, click on the paintbrush tab in the toolbar. This is where you can edit how your branches look.

  1. You can edit the shape, size, color, and the connector of your branches. 

4. Each section allows you to control different aspects of the branch:

  • The shape section will allow you to edit the shape and color of the text box. 
  • The Connector section will let you change the color of the branch connecting the text box. 
  • The Size section will allow you to change the size of the text box. 

5..Once selected, these changes will apply to your branch.

Apply formatting to all Child Branches

  1. If you are editing a parent branch, you can choose to add the formatting to it’s following child branches. Simply click ‘Apply Style to Children’ at the bottom of the editor to do this. 

  1. The child branches will then change to reflect the formatting of the parent branch.

Revert to Default Style

  1. If you want to undo any formatting you have done on a branch, you can revert these changes. Choose your branch and open the paintbrush tab in the branch editor options.

  1. Click on the circular arrow icon at the bottom of the editor in the right-hand corner.

  1. This will change the branch shape, color, connector and size back to its original format.

           This will only revert the branch you have selected. It will not affect any children of that branch

Formatting Multiple Branches at Once

  1. To format multiple branches at once, you can use the multi-select feature. Click the un-selected circle to the left of your branches and you will see a blue number appear based on how many branches you have selected. Alternatively, hold the CMD/CTRL key and click on the branches with your mouse. For further information on the multi-select feature, click here.

  1. Once all your branches are selected, the blue multi-select toolbar will appear on your screen. Select the paintbrush icon to bring down the formatting menu.

  1. Select the styles you would like and see them instantly applied to your chosen branches.