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Task Board Browser iOS and Android

Effortlessly navigate to each of your Ayoa Task Boards and gain a high level overview of progress and status from within the Task Board Browser.

To access your Task Board Browser:

1. Start by going to the Home Page. Here, you will be presented with some of your most recently opened Task Boards, as well as the option to Browse Task Boards. Tap on this to continue.

2. Your Task Board Browser will then open. This is where all of your 'Active Task Boards' will be displayed with indicators showing the number of tasks that are in progress, overdue, completed and not started. To access a Task Board, simply tap it from the list.

3. A great benefit of the Task Board Browser is that it allows you to see when a task board was last updated, to help you determine whether or not it is still active. The time and date that the board was last updated will be evidenced under the task board's name. This view also allows you to gain a quick overview of work belonging to other Task Board members. This is represented by the small number on the member's avatar, which indicates how many tasks they’re assigned to in the task Board.

Creating a new Task Board

You can create new Task Boards from within the Task Board Browser by tapping on the + icon situated at the bottom of the screen. To learn more about creating a new Task Board, click here.


You also have the ability to view your 'Archived' Task Boards while in this view. You can do this by tapping on Active from within the top header bar to bring down a drop-down menu.

Then tap archived.

You will then be able to view all your archived Task Boards.

To learn more about how to archive a task board, click here.

Sorting Task Boards:

If you're looking to quickly locate a task board, the sort option within the Task Board Browser allows you to sort by:

  • Custom
  • Alphabetical
  • Created
  • Last opened by me
  • Last updated

1. To use the sorting function within the Task Board Browser tap on 'Custom' beside Sort by within the top header bar.

2. A list of options will appear. Depending on how you'd like to sort your Task Boards, simply tap on a sorting option.

3. As seen below, the Alphabetical  option has been selected, which has sorted the task boards into Alphabetical order in correspondence to their board name.