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Task Board Urgency List View iOS and Android

List your tasks by urgency in Ayoa on iOS and Android simply and quickly so you can focus on what's important.

The Task Board lists view allows you to order your tasks by Urgency. Tasks are grouped into 3 urgency lists: Very High Urgency, High Urgency, and Normal Urgency.

A List of Tasks by Urgency:

1. To view a list of tasks within a board, tap the Urgency situated at the top of the header bar.

Task board views options.


2. Once there, all tasks within your task board will be displayed in Urgency lists that can be scrolled sideways.

Selecting Urgency view.

3. The lists will be sorted into order of the urgency levels corresponding to each task. Tap right to left to see each list. To learn more about applying urgency levels to tasks, visit our article available here.

Moving between urgency categories.


4. Tasks will be sorted into groups according to normal, high and very high levels of urgency. Within the task board view you are able to sort existing tasks and add new tasks directly to the list. To add a new task, simply tap on the + icon situated under the appropriate urgency level to create a new task.

Selecting the plus icon at the bottom of the page.


5. Enter your the task details, then tap 'Add'.

Naming the task.

6. The task will now be added to that urgency list.

New tasks is shown in the chosen urgency category.


7. To change the urgency status of a task, simply tap on your task and edit their levels accordingly.

Changing urgency category using relevant circle.


8. Changes will automatically be saved and re-ordered in the list view.

Showing task in the different urgency category.