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Task Importance

Tasks may be prioritized by setting various levels of importance, which are represented by selecting either a normal, high or very high importance level, regain full control over prioritization and ensure that a task never flies under the radar.

Adding an Importance level

1. To add an importance level to a task, simply select your chosen task.

Selection a task to open task's info.


2. The task details will then open.

View of the task's info.


3. Within the task details, select the Flag icon will be situated under the progress bar.

Showing the Urgency and importance section.


4. Click on the flag; You have a choice of 2 different colors to choose from, each indicating a different importance level.

  • X= Normal Importance
  • Amber= High Importance
  • Red= Very High Importance

5. When you're ready, select the appropriate importance level for your task.

Selected importance High Importance status with the amber flag icon.


6. Once selected, a Flag icon will appear on the task, making identifying important tasks on the canvas and workflow a breeze.

The amber importance flag shown on the task.


7. Tasks may be filtered by importance using the filter option at the bottom of the canvas. To learn more about Filters, click here.