Using AI assistant with Whiteboard - Ayoa Ultimate exclusive.

As an Ayoa Ultimate subscriber, you receive access to our AI assistant, the world's first AI powered brainstorming mind map and whiteboard app.

AI generated ideas/suggestions that are exchanged for credits are applied with the Ultimate plan and shown in the top menu.


1. It's easy to get started, first log into Ayoa web and open a Whiteboard.

View of the chosen whiteboard.


2. In the side toolbar, choose the AI option.

 Selecting AI button from the side toolbar.


3. A new window will open where you can choose the style of content and type the subject.

View of the all the style content for generating ideas.


4. When highlighting the content style, you will have a popup with the number of credits that will be used to generate them.

Popup next to the chosen style with information how many credits will be used.


5. Once you choose the content style and topic, the ideas/suggestions will be AI generated and added to your whiteboard and arranged in sections or lists. 

Typing the subject for AI ideas and generating ideas in the section.