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Working with Templates

Create Mind Maps, Task Boards and Whiteboard templates to build a library of your bespoke templates.


Once you have created your templates, you can use them when creating a new mind map, task board or whiteboard. Share templates with your team to help them efficiently and quickly build boards.

To access Templates that you have already created, navigate to the Home page, then in the bottom left corner choose My Templates.

My templates section in the side menu.

There, you will have a list of all the Mind Map, Whiteboard and Task Board templates you have created. 

My Templates main view.


You can view all your templates types or choose to view only the Mind Maps, Whiteboards or Task Boards.

Template filters for boards.


In addition, you can organise Templates alphabetically, by recently opened, created or updated.

 Filter for templates arrangement.

Moreover, you have the option to view them ascending or descending.

Filter for sorting templates: ascending and descending.


New Template 

1. To create a new Template, simply click on the +New' button and choose which type of template you would like to use.

New template options


2. Name the Template and select Create template option.

Naming and creating a template.

Creating a new map/task board from Template

1. Click on the template that you wish to use from the list.

Template list.


2. Name the map/task board, invite the users and select Create option. This will create a new mind map that you can edit and expand.

Naming and creating a new map from the template.


Editing Template

1. To edit an existing template, click on the settings (cog) icon next to the template name.

Selecting template settings by clicking on the cog icon.


2. Then, choose the Edit Template option.

Selecting the Edit Template button.


Changing the name of the Template

1. You can edit the template name when clicking on the settings (cog) icon next to the template name. 

Accessing a template settings by clicking on the cog icon.


2.There you will have the option to edit the template name.

Selecting Name section for editing.


3. Double-click on the template's name to edit and confirm with the Save Changes button.

Editing the template name with double-clicking and saving changes.

Deleting the Template

1. To delete the template, clicking on the settings (cog) icon next to the template name.

Clicking on the cog icon next to the tempalate.


2. In the top right corner, click on the trash can icon.

Selecting trash icon to delete the template.


Archiving the Template

1. If you no longer require a template, but you don't want to delete it, you can archive it, by clicking on the settings (cog) icon next to the template name.

Selecting the template settings icon.


2. There, you can archive the map by clicking Yes ( there is also No option if you change your mind). 

Selecting Yes next the the Archive option.

Sharing the Template

With Ayoa, you can not only create your own templates, but you can also share these templates with others. The person with whom you are sharing will need an Ayoa Mind Map or Ultimate plan to use the template.

1. To share your existing template, go to the My Template.

Accessing My Templates.


2. Click on the settings (cog) icon next to the template that you wish to share.

Choosing the cog icon to open the templates settings.


3. Choose the Share Template option.

Selecting Share Template option.


4. Add the contact address of the member with whom you wish to share the temple. You can also import the address from Google Contacts or share the template as a Public Share link.

Adding contacting for sharing the map. 

5. Confirm the sharing option.

Confirming the Sharing option.


6.The other user will receive a Notification.Notification regarding template sharing is shown.


7. If the template was shared via Public Share, it will be opened in the read-only mode.

View of the shared template.


8.The user then can save the template using the Copy to my Template option.

The copy to my templates option.

9. When saving a template the name can be changed.

Renaming imported temaplate.


10. Once completed, the user can then edit or create a new mind map using the new template.

Showing option to edit or create a new map.