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Adding notes on a branch

To help keep your mind map concise, you can add a notes to your branch. This means you can keep keywords on your branch and then go into more detail in the notes. 


To add a note to your branch:

1. Right-click on your branch to open the context menu.


2. Go to 'Add' and then choose 'Notes'.

3. This will open the notes side panel.


4. At the top, click on 'Add notes here'. 


3.  Type your notes, then use the rich formatting to make any style changes.

4. Tap enter on the keyboard to save or press 'Save Changes' button.

5.  The note will be added to the branch. Double click the text to edit it. 


6. You will see a note icon on branches where you have added a note.

7. Unlike comments, the notes are included in the word export. Follow the link to find out more about using the mind map word export.