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Creating a Task Board

Task Boards are flexible and can be created for anything - from work-related Tasks to planning an upcoming vacation. Keep things simple and think about the Tasks that you have to do today, tomorrow, and over the course of the next week.


Task Boards are connected to your mind maps so you can quickly move from one view to another. 


To create a Task Board:

1. Navigate to the Home page.

Open Home page.


2. Click +Create new.


3. Select the Blank mind map option and name the new mind map.

Window for creating a new mind map


4. Under the Advanced Options, at the bottom of the window, you can add a description and any people you wish to collaborate with. Once that is done, click Create.

Selected Advanced options


5. In the new window, you will have the option to select the central idea box for your mind map.

Central idea image picker.


6. Once that mind map is created, you can add branches or just jump to the task board when clicking on the task icon in the top toolbar.

Task icon selected in the top toolbar.


7. This will open the task board view, where you can add tasks and categories.

Task board view