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Inviting People to your Task Boards- iOS and Android

Inviting other people to your Task Boards allows you to share ideas, allocate tasks, and see what others are up to so you can seamlessly stay on the same page.

To Share a Task Board:

1. Open the Task Board that you would like to share from the main Ayoa home page.


2. Once within your chosen Task Board, select the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner to bring down the menu. Then select Add Members


3. You will see the people available in your contact list that can be added to the Task Board.


4. To select a contact, tap in the check box to add a tick. 


Once you have selected your members, hit Done to complete the process.


5. When a new member is invited to Ayoa, they will receive a notification via email. You will be able to assign them to tasks immediately.