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Progress Percentage

The percentage bar is a great way to inform yourself (as well as others) of the progress of each task. It's also helpful in determining if a task is near completion or not.

To edit the Percentage

1. Click on your chosen task to open the task details.

View of the task and task info tab.


2. Then, move the progress slider along the bar to set the percentage of the task that has been completed.

Status and progress bar options.


3. If the task is complete, simply tap the TICK button at the left corner of the task panel to automatically complete the task. 

Task info tab with set Completed status.

Completed Tasks:

1. When the task is completed, the task name will be strike-through to mark this. 

Task with the strike-through name.


2. You can set an option to automatically archive when it is completed in the App Settings in the Menu.

Menu with marked App Settings

To set auto-archive on completion, please set the option to YES

Task Archiving Settings

3. You can view archived tasks for the given task board in the Archived view.

Task board views shown in the drop-task menu with highlighted Archived

4. You are able to alter the status of a completed task at any time. Changing the status of a completed task will automatically move it back into its original Task Board and category. To learn more about Completed and Archived Tasks, click here.

Task and task info tab with different status options.